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{o} Friday, June 10, 2005

Maria sama ga miteru / Virgin Mary is watching you

So I got myself into a Maria sama ga miteru marathon and loved it to pieces <3 While one would think there's a clear difference between both seasons, I think they are just quite alike. The first 13 episodes focusing on the main Yamayurikai interactions with their petite soeurs.

First and second season intro images for each episode

I liked the timing they had for showing each character's profile during the series. Different from what you are used to see: the first episodes are generally used for this, one after the other. In Maria sama... you get to see different bits of each in different episodes.

There's a -LOT- of symbology here. Other than the obvious shoujo ai/yuri view (Lillies, the sapphire color of Maria's heart, the obvious senpai system that goes -deeper- than just mere friendship), the bonds between the girls are complicate, to the point where I'm still doubting if Sachiko really loved Kashiwagi or not. Yumi asked her, and she never gave out a straight reply. :/ Which is ridiculous, but oh well.

Sometimes Yumi got on my nerves, to be honest. Her submissiveness reached the levels of the idiotic, but then, Sachiko had some really bitchy moments too. Especially when hiding her petite Soeur some trivial information, when the other girl was practically in tears because she didn't understand a thing. Still, this made the plot even -more- intrincated.

Is it me or Sei got a whole lot more attention than the other 2 roses in both seasons? I think Eiko and Youko got... hm... 2 episodes for themselves only. And I think Youko didn't get a "personal" episode even. Noriko's appearance was shocking. I thought those two were going to spice up Marimite a bit XD Didn't show much, though the scenes with them were intense. Not "graphically" intense, but emotionally speaking.

This episode made me fucking cry. I swearSomewhere in the last episodes of the series Yoshino said she wanted to get a petite soeur on her own, which I thought that was most likely going to happen. What about Yumi? She's not 'agressive' enough to take a petite soeur on her own, but I wonder if she got one after the series ended. I don't even want to imagine the drama she'll cause once Sachiko graduates -_-;;;;;; They say the manga is waaaaaaay longer than the animated series (obviously), and I wonder if this is ever revealled and they go a little further than the 26 episodes of both seasons. Anyone read it?

I got the Chibi DVD specials :3 They were extremely cute. These mini sequences were like "backstage" filming of Marimite with all the characters in chibi forms. Really sweet. The music is all classical, as expected, with a very nice orchestration. To the point that my mom and aunt asked me a copy of one of the CDs :3 Here. Have some music:

- Pastel pure / ALI Project ----> sung version of the opening. Belongs to 2nd season.
- Pastel pure -Orgel- ----> music box version of the opening and leiv motif song of MariMite.
- Maria sama ga miteru no Theme -----> The "Kono Geneon suponsaa no tekkyo de okurishimasu" part :P Yeah, I'm a weirdo. I like the "these are our sponsors" music of the series.

BTW, yeah. I got the "Gokigenyo!" stuck now. Rawr.

01:21 a.m.
BGM ::

{o} Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Just like I did almost 2 years ago, when I finished reading Cloud of Sparrows , I'm going to write my humble comment on "Autumn bridge", by Takashi Matsuoka.

I have one word for this book.


There isn't an appropiate way to explain what is this book about, without spoiling the story. But I might give you an idea about what is it about, if you are interested. Matsuoka's first novel, Cloud of Sparrows, was the story about this Christian woman, Emily Gibson who came from America to Japan in 1867 in hopes of "converting" the Japanese into the Sect of the True Word. They are hosts of Okumichi no kami Genji, lord of Akaoka, leader of the Okumichi clan who is famous for his prophecies, normal in his bloodline through 600 years of history.

In "Autumn Bridge", Genji requests Emily to make the English translation of the story of the Okumichi clan for the future generations, and so, she gets her hands into the titanic translation done, with dozens of scrolls with the story. Until a new box with scrolls, apparently older, appears in between the known ones for the clan. She starts reading, and not only she discovers the writer is a woman, a witch princess called Shizuka, but also, a woman who lived 600 years ago and -knew- Emily would be reading that, and knew what would happen to her in her linked future with the Okumichi clan.

The story comes and goes to the past in a blink of an eye, depending from which character you are reading. The inconvenience at first, was that some of the characters in 1862.... were talking with the ghost of this lady in 1311, in the same place. Which was extremely confusing at first. But once you get the hold of it, you can't let the book down at all.

Experience here, because I took the 489 pages book last night and finished it a couple of minutes ago. You've read well. I didn't sleep all night, reading this book. Are you wondering if the first book got me this hooked too? Then the answer is yes :) I remember I read it even when walking from one job place to the other.

Not only for the fantastic descriptions that will give you the hint about who, where or why did what he or she did at that time, but also... you start forming your own chess around the story in your head. Even now, after knowing the entire contents of this book, I'm starting to understand a couple of things I've even read in the previous book. They are all connected, past, present and future, which is, for me, an extraordinary writer's resource.

I swear, I haven't been so hooked with a book in my life since the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

Go. Read it. ^^

03:15 p.m.
BGM :: Izayoi e No Omoi / Inuyasha movie 3 OST

{o} Thursday, March 3, 2005

I've finished reading "Tales of the Otori book 1: The Nightindale Floor", by Lian Hearn.

Andrew sent them to me for my birthday and I started reading the first book a little while after I got them. It was a bit dense at first, but later on, it caught up on speed and dynamnism. Perhaps a little too much.

The story's about a boy named Tomasu who lived with his mother, stepfather and sister in the mountains, until one faithful day, Lord Iida Sadamu decides to attack his village for no apparent reason. The boy escapes miraculously and a man in the way, Lord Shigeru Otori, saves him, keeping him in his house and later on, pretending to adopt him. Shigeru hires a teacher to come an teach him something he's not aware of: the powers he owns from the Tribe, a group of warriors who live in the shadow (basically ninjas, only extremely skilled), telling him that he belongs to such group. His real father was a very famous assassin who escaped the Tribe and went to live a peaceful live with the Hidden town, where Tomasu's family was assassinated. He learns how to make himself invisible, how to duplicate himself to distract the enemy, he has a very acute hearing, putting people to sleep with only a glance, and a drawing talen, being able to illustrate everything he sees almost in perfection. All those gifts, inherited from his father's family, the Kikuta, were given to him.

Kenji Muto belongs to the Tribe as well, and he's requested by Shigeru to be his teacher. Shigeru's interests lay on the fact that being such a skilled wonder, Takeo (as he's named now, forced to hide his real identity as Tomasu because Iida Sadamu is searching for him as well to kill him) will bring peace to the clans and finish with the threating and cruel administration of Iida Sadamu (Lord of the Toham clan, the most powerful of the 3 clans in the land) by killing him. Shigeru is well known and respected by most of the clans, caring, generous, he has alliances with the rest to defeat Iida, but with Iida alive, they can't do anything to take the order back.

The plot moves around this conspiration, the search of the truth, the many secrets hidden between clans and the forbidden love stories between each as well. The story is very fine, well written, but a bit "abrupt" once it speeds up. It really is a rollercoaster, for the ending is almost rushed, but the final chapter slows down, giving space for the next book. The ending of book 1 is not your average "and they stayed happily ever after". It's rather complicated, and a good open gate for "Grass for his Pillow", the continuation of the trilogy.

If you are thinking these are true circunstances or even clans, forget about it. The author conceived the entire universe of the Otori tales as an AU in feudal Japan. The traditions, living styles and names are Japanese, but there are some things added, product of Hearn's mind. STILL, it's a very good story, and well plotted. If you are a Japanese!Culture freak like me, you might like it. I'm hoping I'll be able to get book 3 soon :3

02:45 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Friday, December 24, 2004

As the materialist woman I am, I feel like shit because I can't buy a single present to my family, without wasting it ALL.

Basically, I don't have a cent. I never have a cent for Christmas. I don't have money in the whole year, period.

Yeah, fucking shitty Christmas. Santa, rot in hell and yadda yadda yadda.

11:55 a.m.
BGM ::

{o} Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Long time no blog!

AKA: Birthday Special #24

So yeah, today's my b-day. Amazing, huh? I haven't been posting much here because I have no news about the domain. Hopefully, I'll get someone giving me a nice b-day present to get SUYnet back. Yeah, what you see right now is a cemetery. I can log in, but I can't touch anything nor updpate anything at all there.

Also, Kanoe's been with MAJOR technical problems, so I had to fix it. I'm still on dial up (Thank you very much, Cablenet) and NOW I'm getting all back in order.

10:42 a.m.
BGM ::

{o} Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Well, last night I talked with Dhan after months of not seeing him online. College is consuming that guy X_X and when he knew what happened to SUYnet, he made a lovely offer of a folder on his space.

Yup, my new temporary home will be Vespertinus.com!

Picking one of all my sites is just too difficult, because it's like picking one of your babies :3 so I'm going to start a brand new site. And to continue with the domain theme, it's going to be a CLAMP winamp skins site. It might feature some other skins from games and series, but it will mainly be CLAMP related.

So, Yukihada it is. ^^

*hopes to be able to make something worthy of Dhan's talent* ;_;

01:05 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Tuesday, September 14, 2004


In other words, I'm screwed. My first online fraud. Yay. I should be happy for this "We scruuuwsddzz j00!" moment.

$80 that might not represent a thing for you, but means months of savings for me. Some guy lost over $8000. Hopefully this will involve the FBI, because it's an international affair involving people who bought space from all over the world, just like me.

Fucking great.

11:48 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Friday, September 3, 2004

They tried to set on fire the place where I work in the morning.

It was a warning because the entire building belongs to a metalurgic labor union, and there's an internal fight between groups. The fire started at the door, near the bell. And from there, it would extend to all the electric system, setting the place in living hell. It started at dawn, when there was nobody in there. So that means it was a warning towards the big fishes, not the library or the people who work there. Also, that place is full of kids because there's a school.
Police arrested a couple of suspicious guys who were around the area. The TV, the radio and paper came. It's everywhere on the media around here.

The damage is minor. The walls and some crystals are burnt and some are broken, but the fire didn't enter into the building. The library is untouched. But hey, how are you supposed to work as usual with this? What's next?

In other words, PWND me.

04:11 p.m.
BGM :: -------

{o} Monday, August 23, 2004

What a pain. My HD died and I lost absolutely all. Thankfully, I saved some before the lost, in CDs but all my favorites, images, art, wallpapers, new designs, all, is lost.

I'm absolutely consumed by the upcoming movie, Alexander. I'm finishing the third book of Manfredi, and my flame has been renewed by the news of the upcoming movie.

12:38 p.m.
BGM :: Eden / Sarah Brightman

{o} Saturday, July 24, 2004

So I got out of my fear to write fanfiction again.

First chapter up. Don't hit me too hard, Inuyasha fans.

10:12 p.m.
BGM :: ----

{o} Thursday, July 22, 2004

And just for the record, I got a LJ account. To the veteran bloggers out there, add if me you want. Bloggie will stay up for SUYnet's updates, book and CD reviews and some random things.

02:37 p.m.
BGM :: ----

{o} Monday, July 19, 2004

On a more cheery line of things, this made me smile:

This Land.

01:56 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Sunday, July 18, 2004

This is one of those days I don't want to see myself on this world by tomorrow morning.

All the people I love is contented with their materialistic shit, or just enjoying a friend's company. All away. And all I want is to feel cherished just once. Just once.

11:19 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Saturday, July 17, 2004

Very interesting conversation with Ahmed ^O^ enjoy!

Let kun: Oh! I went to Rosario yesterday and bought 2 CDs.
Let kun: One of Arabian mixes, another of Rita Lee (A Brazilian singer)
justinshaltout: what were they? :-)
Let kun: Elissa, Rashed Al Majeb, Roubie, Nancy Ajram, Iwan, Hasna, Mohammed Mohie, Shereen, REG Project, Najwa Karam...
justinshaltout: 50% egypt :D
Let kun: LOL really?
justinshaltout: *does a dance*
justinshaltout: yes! :-)
Let kun: Like them??
justinshaltout: actually forced to hear them.. they play every where I go :D
justinshaltout: not that they soudn bad .. they're ncie if it's not what u've been forced to hear all your life :-) .. they actually offer some interesting musical entertainment
Let kun: Ilham Al Madfai, Yasser Habeeb, George Wassouf.. and the last is of Sarah Brightman and Kadim Al Sahir.
justinshaltout: we have a radio channel called Nogoom FM (Stars FM) .. every time I ride with them they turn it on and it got me to be more knowledgebale abotu egyptian music whetehr I liekd it or not
Let kun: I was listening to them in the car, on our way back from Rosario. My aunt, mom and step-aunt thought it was nice ^^
justinshaltout: Kadim el Sahir is mroe of a poet then a singer.. he softly says teh lyrics in classic arabic rather than slang.. and uses very strong expressions in his words.. a tradition breaker
Let kun: Excellent..
justinshaltout: yes it is nice :-) .. I liek change though.. I mean if u hear them ocen they're great.. imagine every day of ur life and nothign but :P
Let kun: I'd begin to hate them, just like every kind of music repeated over the exhaustion X_X
justinshaltout: ironically the family name el Sahir has a meaning .. it means soemone who's awake all night
justinshaltout: exactly.. so for me .. arabic pop is what's been over done :-)
Let kun: I was listening, and you know, I was thinking in the car...
justinshaltout: escpecially that they recently started to imitate eahc other and offer less originality in order to make money and make sure it sells
justinshaltout: thinkign of? :-)
Let kun: I remember that women aren't allowed to pray the Quran in loud voice, because their voice distract men from their prayers. And I heard that a bunch of females singing here. And I thought "Ironic" ^^;
Let kun: Perhaps it's related to the beauty women are in your culture.
Let kun: And it suits perfectly for a song. An expression of beauty
justinshaltout: :-)
justinshaltout: well recently there arne't any female egyptian singers I liek because the stuff released THIS year in particular depends more on them makign a sexy video clip over the actual singing quality
justinshaltout: all guys are droolign over how the signer shakes her almsot naked ass on video and are buying it only for that
Let kun: ... speaks much for musical taste of males XDXDXDXDXD *</evil female> Anyways, how can you explain this explosion of women in pop culture? *is curious*
justinshaltout: especially 2 singers.. Nancy Ajram.. and the worse of all .. which isn't in ur tape since ur tape seems to be LAST summer's songs before that happened.. Ruby.. who has a HORRIBEL voice. cna't song.. but just shakes her ass
justinshaltout: my explanation is that employers and dealers are startign to see women as an object.. they hire women to sing whetehr they suck or not cuz anythign that has a woman on it woudl sell .. :S
justinshaltout: and women that can actually sing are afraid of joining the industry because they know it will mean u have to become a sex object for the public
justinshaltout: and men that want to offer soemthign new are less likely to get hired because they are not women
justinshaltout: *awkward silence*
Let kun: *reading*
justinshaltout: :-)
Let kun: What a mess!
justinshaltout: yeah
Let kun: Women are objects and men are not quality enough!
Let kun: Time for transverstites :P
Let kun: XDXD
justinshaltout: they actually made a joek series that came on TV about this once
Let kun: LOL I imagine
justinshaltout: "in the year 2025 ... women became the men of the house.. and house"husbands" stay at home, clean and cook.. and complain about their wives until they come home"
Let kun: This is almost like Idols in Japan. Only that you don't get 3 million new pop groups or singers each month like in Japan
justinshaltout: oh we definitely dont' get that much o_O
justinshaltout wants to send file 02 MTM - ommy mesafra.mp3.
Let kun: Muwahahaha, and they can't even complain. Because only wives can complain to their husband if they don't get the exactly same as the other wives XD
justinshaltout: I wish if I ever get married to have an equality between me and her
justinshaltout: I want to do the cooking occasionally ^_^
Let kun: Woohooo XD

11:45 a.m.
BGM ::

{o} Wednesday, July 7, 2004

[lesMiserables mood]


[/lesMiserables mood]


12:42 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Saturday, July 3, 2004

w00t, I'm posting more on bloogie. Heh.

Well, I've been drawing and taking Ahmed's advice on this. I'm going to stick with Chinese ink because that's what I liked most, long ago. And... I didn't suck so bad. I uploaded a couple of things at my DA Account just for practice.

In other words, Corporal succeeded in annoying me today. Damn kids in holidays. AARRGGHH. Thankfully he'll get a good kick in the arse at boating with his family. Ugh. Whatever.

02:26 a.m.
BGM :: Heaven's not enough / Wolf's Rain

{o} Friday, July 2, 2004

Major changes in X London. After some weakening in our files, we decided to revamp this game since closing it would be a terrible suicide of our work. So, new characters are being welcomed ^^ If you'd like to play an original RPG based on X by CLAMP, give it a shot. The story is set in London, and the political background is deeper than the original X. Check it out ^_~

07:23 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Thursday, July 1, 2004

FLASH!!! NEWSSS!!! I'm probably going to get a hostee at SUYnet. Yuppers. Which reminds me...

*continues planning Shinsengumi peishii...*

01:22 p.m.
BGM ::

{o} Thursday, July 1, 2004

I'm sick. AGAIN ><' Stupid flu virus and stupid slave driver Headmistress who is surely playing with a Voodoo doll of mine in this moment.


01:15 p.m.
BGM :: nuttin' at the moment

{o} Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Watched the Last Samurai (at last!) and loved it. Yus. They touched my favorite subject in Japanese history (Meiji era) and the view from the Samurai side. Of course, the movie wasn't 100% loyal to the reality, but it was pretty good. I really don't like Tom Cruise, but the rest of the actors were really good. Especially Shin Koyamada XDXDXDXD *licks screen* Short roles, but pretty intense. I think I definately fell in love with this scene (SUGGEEE >D) because I couldn't control myself later giggling like a frigging pre-teen. In that scene you could see the real size of the Japanese bows. They are HUGE! Some scenes have that 'typical Japanese' trademark, like for example, the snow over the temples, the sakura blossoming, the altars with the swords.

The female actress wasn't that good ¬_¬ all she could do was to put a pained expression as if they were making an enema right then and look at Tom Cruise with those guilty submissive eyes. I thought for a moment, "WTF? This is not X, and that's not Kotori, right?". Hell, even Kotori has more personality than Taka, the female of the movie.

09:08 p.m.
BGM :: To know my enemy / Last Samurai OST

{o} Sunday, June 27, 2004

New layout. I've been having this one sleeping since version 30 and never got myself to use it. Simple and effective.

10:41 p.m.
BGM :: Nothing actually